Monday, December 21, 2009

BH Economics Blog Awards 2009

Best Overall Economics- (If you had to pick one Economics Blog what would it be?)

Best Econ Literacy
Twenty Cent Paradigms
John Taylor
Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

Best Macro

Best Statistics

Applied Stats
Log Base 2

Best South Asian
Ajay Shah

Most Interesting

Ben Casnocha
Seths' Blog
Three Toed Sloth
Scott Berkun

Best Current Affairs
FP Passport

Best Development
Aid Watch
Africa Can End Poverty
Chris Blattman

Public Management and Government
Joint winners IMF PFM blog and IBM's BizGov

Best Aussie, Kiwi and Irish

Core Economics
Harry Clarke
John Quiggin
Offsetting Behaviour
Irish Economy

Dead Blogs


Best Newcomers
Landsburg's Big Questions
John Stossel
Messy Matters
Cheap Talk

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Lee said...

No Best Southern Sudanese category?

Bill C said...

Thanks! I'm honored!

rockymeet said...

I've never left a comment, and rarely I comment on other blogs but I read you everyday, and often more than once a day.

I support you on this and I'll try to leave few words here and there.
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