Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Indonesian central bank governor arrested

The credibility of Indonesia's Central Bank is once again under question as it faces allegations of endemic corruption.

The allegations centre on the misuse of Bank Indonesia funds to bribe parliamentarians to ensure the bank's regulator control.

Statement from the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia;
In light of the detainment of the Governor of Bank Indonesia related to “the YPPI fund case”, the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia states that:

1. The Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia regrets and is deeply concerned with the detainment of Governor Burhanuddin Abdullah, and previously two Bank Indonesia officials, Mr. Rusli Simanjuntak and Mr. Oey Hoey Tiong by KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission).
2. The Governor and all officials of Bank Indonesia who have been required by KPK to provide information relating to the case have always fully respected the legal process and have always shown their good intentions as law abiding citizens during the investigation.
3. The Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia has in place a standard procedure and mechanism to ensure that macro-economic and financial system stability are maintained as mandated by the Central Bank Act.

May God almighty bestow his protection upon us.

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