Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celebrity endorsements for World Bank

"By committing to help wild tigers, the World Bank is sounding its intention to be a global leader in biodiversity conservation. I commend this commitment and look forward to seeing it in action."

-Harrison Ford

What do the readers think? I've no comment- after all World Bank's motto is a World Free of Poverty.

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Tony Whitten said...

As one of the Bank's team which organized the Tiger Event on June 9 and the author of the blog to which you link, let me give my perspective on this reasonable question. I regard biodiversity protection (e.g. of tigers) as an integral part of development and is part of our obligation to support countries which have signed the Convention on Biological Diversity. The continued survival of wild tigers is a good indicator of sound forest management, rural development strategies, infrastructure development, and governance. The conservation of biodiversity (and other global public goods is a major part of the sustainability agenda) and this is clearly recognized in the MDGs. Biodiversity conservation can also produce significant co-benefits to communities living in and around natural habitats. All the biodiversity work we support is done with a view to social condition and social impact and as such is an integral part of poverty alleviation and economic growth. Details of our large portfolio of biodiversity projects can be found on