Friday, April 24, 2009

A credit worthy face?

Women, for instance, judge men by their faces. Testosterone levels are reflected in the face, and who is seen as a one-night stand and who as a potential husband depends in part on this physical feature. Similarly, a male face betrays the owner’s underlying aggressiveness and even his business acumen. Facial beauty in either sex is also associated with higher incomes. The latest research, though, cuts to the moral quick. For Jefferson Duarte of Rice University in Houston, Texas, and his colleagues are suggesting that one of a person’s most telling moral features, his creditworthiness, can also be seen in his face.

-People's creditworthiness, it seems, can be seen in their looks


Anonymous said...

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gie said...

I don't agree that you can see the person's creditworthiness in his/her face. It's better to still do background check to the person. Looks can be deceiving.