Friday, December 29, 2006

Favorite Economics Blogs of Year 2006

Heavy Weights
1. Café Hayek
2. Economist’s View
3. EconLog
4. New Economist
5. The Austrian Economists
6. Marginal Revolution

1. Stumbling and Mumbling
2. The Filter
3. Bonobo Land
4. Agoraphilia
5. Organization and Markets
6. Trade Diversion

New Comers
1. Overcoming Bias
2. Free Exchange
3. Economic Investigations
4. Economontior

Used to be Very Good
1. PSD Blog (after Pablo left quality and frequency of updates has fallen)
2. Ben Muse
3. ArgMax

1. An Economist in Paradise
2. On Indonesia and Economy
3. Atanu Dey on India’s Development

1. Risk Markets and Politics
2. Healthcare Economist

Best Development Issues Blog
Centre for Global Development blog and Poverty and Growth blog

Best Macroeconomics Blog
Brad Setser’s blog and Econbrowser

Those who should start blogging
Lawrence Summers
David Warsh
Jagdish Bhagwati
Stephen Roach

Best Blog for Econ 101
Greg Mankiw’s Blog and Aplia Econ Blog

Like to see
A good econometrics blog – other than Statistical Modelling


Michael Greinecker said...

Maybe the Social Science Statistics Blog satisfies your need for a good econometrics blog.

Gabriel Mihalache said...

Thanks for the nomination! -- I don't know what to say... I think it's great if people like it. It was never meant to be serious.

Thanks for the recognition. It's good to know people are reading my over-dramatic stuff!

tomsaso said...

Hi, i am freshman at economics, and i found your blog and list of sites/blogs very useful.
Keep up the good work :D

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