Friday, December 28, 2007

Recently from the Fund

Banks During the Argentine Crisis: Were They All Hurt Equally? Did They All Behave Equally?
Adolfo Barajas, Emiliano Basco, V Hugo Juan-Ramón and Carlos Quarracino

Escaping from the Resource Curse: Evidence from Botswana and the Rest of the World

Atsushi Iimi

Price Variability Under Price Level Stability—A Study of Sierra Leone's Price Dynamics Using Micro-Level Price Data
Arto Kovanen

Volatility of Development Aid: An Update

Aleš Bulíř and A Javier Hamann

Exchange Rate Volatility and Reserves Transparency

John Cady and Jesus Gonzalez-Garcia

The Political Economy of Normal Macroeconomic Pathologies
Shanker Satyanath and Arvind Subramanian

Deficit Limits and Fiscal Rules for Dummies
Paolo Manasse

Work Absence in Europe
Lusine Lusinyan and Leo Bonato

Is Housing Wealth an "ATM"? The Relationship Between Household Wealth, Home Equity Withdrawal, and Saving Rates
Vladimir Klyuev and Paul Mills

Spending Seigniorage: Do Central Banks Have a Governance Problem?
Alain Ize

The Employment Effects of Labor and Product Market Deregulation and Their Implications for Structural Reform
Helge Berger and Stephan Danninger

Equilibrium Exchange Rates: Assessment Methodologies
Isard, Peter

Do Reserve Portfolios Respond to Exchange Rate Changes Using a Portfolio Rebalancing Strategy? An Econometric Study Using COFER Data
Lim, Ewe-Ghee

Border and Behind-the-Border Trade Barriers and Country Exports
Sadikov, Azim M.

Use of Participatory Notes in Indian Equity Markets and Recent Regulatory Changes
Singh, Manmohan

Stochastic Volatilities and Correlations, Extreme Values and Modeling the Macroeconomic Environment, Under Which Brazilian Banks Operate
Barnhill, Theodore M. and Souto, Marcos

Changing Nature of North-South Linkages: Stylized Facts and Explanations

Akin, Cigdem | Kose, M. Ayhan

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