Saturday, December 29, 2007

You Tube Course in Tax Policy for Dummies

Exploring Issues in Tax Policy- a course from Mercatus Center, GMU

These insights will help policy makers understand the issues surrounding the debate over tax reform by addressing some of the following questions:

-How do tax rates and tax incentives direct decision making? Do small changes in tax policy affect individual behavior or the economy as a whole?
-What lessons can be drawn from the 1986 tax reforms to help us understand tax reform today? Are there any comparisons that may be drawn? Why did the 1986 reforms take place and what did it mean for the economy?
-What role does the corporate income tax play in the overall tax structure? How do corporate tax rates affect international competition, the decisions corporations make, and the U.S. economy as a whole?


Part 2 and Part 3

The Encyclopedia of Taxation and Tax Policy

For a lay person's guide read Taxing Ourselves: A Citizen's Guide to the Debate Over Taxes By Joel Slemrod, Jon M. Bakija

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