Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Election prediction using Flickr

Brack Obama vs Hillary Clinton

A comparison;

Barack Obama’s flickr profile
I look at this profile page and I would like to point out several important things. There is a great profile and picture on Obama’s profile. I notice he must have some money saved up cause he does have a pro account that costs almost $25 for a year.
You will notice he has 895 contacts, that’s pretty good but, I would expect more really. On the right hand side there are some really nice testimonials from a good number of people.

Hillary Clinton’s profile on Flickr
Well… She has a photo of herself. She too must have enough money to pay for a pro account. I’m going to assume that whoever helps her with the flickr page doesn’t realize there is a profile section or perhaps they assume that people already know who she is. Since she has zero contacts I’m guessing that who ever runs the site doesn’t want to have to deal with people leaving all sorts of negative messages about Wal-Mart or something on her site. That’s probably why she has no testimonials too. I guess it’s a lot of work to reach out to a small group of people like this.
She may not have any contacts but, you will notice she is one of mine.

Not too much to say about this profile. Compared to Obama’s profile, Hillary has a lot of work to do.

*George Mason Rally, Fairfax, VA

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