Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Paris Hilton and Robert Mundell

Director, ladies and gentlemen, this might well be the first time in LSE’s history that we have awarded an honorary degree to an illustrious academic who has racked up, at last count, six distinct appearances on the late-night US comedy talk show The Late Show with David Letterman. In one of these appearances Prof. Mundell recites the lyrics to the song Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child. In another, he reads out excerpts from Paris Hilton’s memoirs. But in his October 2002 appearance, his debut but the last video segment that I found, all is redeemed when Prof. Mundell tells the TV audience his Top 10 list, “The Ways My Life has Changed Since Winning the Nobel Prize.”

- Danny Quah

Top Ten Ways My Life Has Changed Since Winning The Nobel Prize

10. Can end almost any argument by asking, "And did you ever win a Nobel Prize?"
9. Whenever I bring it to Applebee's restaurant, I get a free plate of riblets heading my way
8. When I enter a room, I shout, "Nobel Prize winner in the hizzouse!"
7. At most 7-11s, I can get service even if I choose not to wear shoes or a shirt
6. Instead of saying, "Kiss my ass" to guys who cut me off in traffic, I now say, "Kiss my Nobel Prize-winning ass"
5. I've been banned from casinos in seven states
4. When I call K-Rock to request Aerosmith, they play Aerosmith
3. Any meaningless crap I say, the next day it's in the Wall Street Journal
2. Another Friday, another P. Diddy party
1. In Stockholm, I get more tail than Frank Sinatra

Guess his latest project- a love story set in China.

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