Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Pride of Liberia

The video depicts a Liberian rap band sing about their pride of having Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as their President; the first female leader elected in Africa. American-style hip-hop/rap music is a centerpiece of Liberia’s current youth culture; it is something you hear all over Monrovia. I find it fascinating to see Liberia’s President turned into a pop-icon in a country where cynicism related to government is wide-spread. Presiden’s Sirleaf election has managed to capture the imagination of young people and this is anything but a small feat given that half of her county’s population is estimated to be under 20 years of age and over 60% under 30. This group, which has only known life in war, many of them as combatants, will ultimately determine if the country is going to stick to its peace and reconstruction agenda or slide back into conflict.

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