Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mugabe wins Wimbledon

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It was suggested this week that shoplifters could write poetry as part of their rehabilitation.

Is there any misdemeanour in your past that you would like to confess to in the form of rhyme?

Last week we asked you, ‘What was the most idiotic practice that goes on at your work?...

Management decided that each department should sign up on a long term contract to have copier paper delivered on a regular basis, instead of requisitions when needed.
We now realise that even our modest estimates were WAY too high, and every person in the department now has a small mountain of copier paper boxes under their desks, and its unstoppable.
Tony Tarason

Comments: Keeping a sign outside the door that says "Response Level: Heightened".

Being asked to prepare a report and then having to sit down in a group of 5 or 10 of us to discuss our individual approaches before being given "here's one we prepared earlier" to compare our own work to. Humiliating and time-consuming. Why?

Ofsted inspections. Waste of time, money, stress and all that bother sending the dodgy kids out on "work experience" for the few days involved...
Ian Ford

Today as a kind receptionist put me on hold and tried to transfer me ( presumably conscious that the wait may be frustrating) she said do you have something else you could do with the other hand. Me- fits of laughter- followed by receptionist
Phil Western

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