Tuesday, July 22, 2008


World Bank's Ravallion Sees Growth Constraints in Africa
and admiration for China

Frankel Says Euro May Replace Dollar as Reserve Currency

Doug Rivers on polling

The Pirate's Dilemma

Modern miracles; a history of medicine

The story of highways

History of the Popes

The Wisdom of Water
The popular advocate and water expert, John Archer, has turned his attention to the waters that flow through almost all the spiritual traditions of the world. From clouds and rivers and rainbows, to dew-drops and thunder, water is a universal and ancient motif in religion

The great grammar debate
Is learning formal grammar essential to becoming a good writer and communicator? Or is it more important to develop a feeling for language that can be applied in different contexts?

The late great physicist Richard Feynman

The expressive side of the face

60% of people turn their head when asked to pose for a portrait. A prime example is that of Mona Lisa. So why does this bias exist? When people try to express emotion, they turn the left side of the face

Can science teach us anything about morality?

Speed cleaning for your soul

Central banks ‘key’ to stop recession
Economist Professor Stephen Nickell, a former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and one of this year’s honorary graduates at Warwick, says the UK could see a severe recession but that will depend on the action of the Bank of England and other central banks around the world

McMafia: A journey through the criminal underworld

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