Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to read an Article IV report

Ajay Shah comments about IMF's recent Article IV report on India;

I am generally cynical about Article IV documents. Too often, they are suffused with bureaucratic triumphalism, with sentences of the form ``Under the steady guidance of the great leader, the peasants and workers reaped a glorious harvest''. The IMF is forced to praise India's deft handling of macroeconomic policy in every alternate paragraph. If your tastes run to `ruthless truth-telling', the result of the Article IV process is often not interesting.

However, this time, the document is well worth reading, particularly if you're able to ignore the platitudes. It gives the reader a good grip of the overall macroeconomic situation, and a sound perspective on the difficulties of both fiscal and monetary policy. It struck me that there isn't an Indian effort of this genre out there.

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