Monday, March 17, 2008

Carnival of Podcasts

Eichengreen Says Dollar Decline Is `No Longer Orderly'

Jack Malvey of Lehman Sees `Many Opportunities' in Bonds

Goldman of Asteri Expects More U.S. Bank Failures

Lewis of Deutsche Bank Sees Growth in Corn, Soy, Cotton

Crescenzi Sees Opportunities in Muni, Corporate Bonds

"Health Care Information Technology and Financing’s Next Frontier: The Potential of Medical Banking"

Taiwan a contested History

Islam: From Heretics to Believers
Riaz Hassan has surveyed seven Muslim-majority countries on many issues including honour killing, blasphemy and jihad. He believes major changes in the Muslim world can only occur with intellectual commitment and activism. Edip Yuksel is a self-described progressive activist and founder of the Islamic Reform organisation, which promotes a modern and feminist reading of the Qur'an, as well as the rejection of much that Muslims regard as sacred.

Beyond Religion & Beyond God

The Year of Festivals: Lent and Purim
In the lead up to Easter, Christians embark on Lent, a 40 day period of self denial, prayer and reflection, symbolising the time that Jesus spent in the desert, where his faith was tested. For Jews, The Book of Esther is celebrated in the raucous festival of Purim where donning masks and poking fun at rabbis is allowed. But there is a serious side too

Mark A Siegel on Islam, Democracy and the West

Tariq Ramadan
He has been banned from entering the United States, he's advised Scotland Yard, the British government and the previous Australian government. What did Oxford based Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan have to say to an international audience in Brisbane this past week? He was keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by the Queensland government, Griffith University and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Its theme: The Challenges and Opportunities of Islam in the West: The Case of Australia.

Rajput and Mughal Miniatures

The Gods of Freud

Energy - what are the choices?

Voting in America

How we know when enough is enough

The Logic of Life

Thinking Like a Social Scientist: a lecture by Professor John Sidel

A Counter-narrative: Islam and the first Europe
Professor Lewis will argue that the 732CE Battle of Poitiers and the 778CE debacle at Roncevaux are pivotal moments in the creation of an economically retarded, balkanised, and fratricidal Europe, which, by defining itself in opposition to Islam in al-Andalus, made virtues out of hereditary aristocracy, persecutory religious intolerance, cultural particularism, and perpetual war.

Modern Erotics and the Quest for Intimacy

Patent Failure - James Bessen

STW: Susan Pinker, Simon Russell Beale, Marina Warner, Clay Shirky
Susan Pinker on The Sexual Paradox; Simon Russell Beale on his TV series Sacred Music; Marina Warner on the impact of The Arabian Nights on the Western imagination and Clay Shirky on how the internet is allowing people to take on traditional organisations - and win.

Science and Islam

How the tiny Pacific island of Nauru squandered its vast fortune

Peter Day looks at the role of innovation in business and how good ideas shape the future of technology. His guest is Sophie Vandebroek, chief technology officer at Xerox, the company we traditionally associate with the photocopier – who are also spearheading developments in many other areas including ‘smart document technology’. Sophie will be telling us about innovation, past, present and future at Xerox and how to create an environment where ideas can really flourish.

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