Sunday, March 16, 2008

China, Asia, and the New World Economy- Book recommendation

China, Asia, and the New World Economy
Edited by Barry Eichengreen, Yung Chul Park, and Charles Wyplosz

China and Global Issues
1. China's Coming Demand for Energy , Richard N. Cooper
2. China and the Global Environment , Warwick J. McKibbin

Trade Issues
3. The Spoke Trap: Hub and Spoke Bilateralism in East Asia , Richard E. Baldwin
4. Proliferation of FTAs and Prospects for Trade Liberalization in East Asia , Yung Chul Park and Inkyo Cheong
5. Containing the PTA Wildfire , Cédric Dupont and David Huang
6. China and the Multilateral Trading System , Robert Z. Lawrence

Financial Issues
7. Regional and Global Financial Integration in East Asia , Soyoung Kim, Jong-Wha Lee and Kwanho Shin
8. The Main Determinants of Liquidity in the Thai Bond Market , Akkharaphol Chabchitchaidol and Sakkapop Panyanukul
9. Is East Asia Safe from Financial Crises? , Charles Wyplosz

Chinese Macroeconomic Management
10. Chinese Macroeconomic Management: Issues and Prospects , Yu Yondgding
11. The Chinese Approach to Capital Inflows: Patterns and Possible Explanations , Eswar Prasad and Shang-Jin Wei
12. Do China's Capital Controls Still Bind? , Guonan Ma and Robert N. McCauley
13. Impact of Financial Services Trade Liberalisation on Capital Flows: The Case of China's Banking Sector , Li-Gang Liu and Elvira Kurmanalieva
14. Why Does China Save So Much ? , Charles Y. Horioka and Junmin Wan

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