Friday, March 21, 2008

Corruption News from around the world

Sexual-favors case hints at immigration corruption- US

Official accused of gambling public funds stands trial for corruption

Nigerian Group Calls for Wider Corruption Investigation;
Nigeria's parliament set up a committee earlier this year to investigate why $10 billion of investment in the energy sector failed to end power outages in the country.

The panel found that former president Olusegun Obasanjo awarded $50 million worth of contracts to power companies that did not exist. They also found that $2 billion worth of energy contracts were awarded by the former president without a bidding process. A witness told the committee a company with less than $200 of base capital benefited from the contracts.

Premier League club Birmingham raided by police investigating corruption

How can corruption in India be eradicated?

Proposed amendments to the current Bribery and Corruption Law- Sri Lanka

Stay away from corruption, Cabinet told- Malaysia

Corruption in Portuguese politics

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gaddeswarup said...

Here is a story about fighting corruption in (parts of ) India in ancient days:
This was discussed in CT and Economists view some months ago.