Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cycle of Madness in Middle East

Angry Arab writes;
The New York Times refers to Israeli occupation killings of unarmed Palestinian civilians as "clashes." Yesterday, the New York Times hoped to provide Israel with the necessary propaganda boost by claiming that violence "dips." Notice that this article from yesterday with that headline was removed from the list of articles on the Middle East on the NYT's site. Abu Mazen expresses sorrow not for the murdered Palestinian civilians but for "the peace process", or what Sa'ib `Urayqat calls "the vision of president Bush." Al-Arabiya TV barely covered the carnage in Gaza preferring to devote time to a security-police conference in UAE. Gizelle Khuri, I am sure, will interview gangster, Dahlan,--she calls him Abu Fadi--in order to absolve Israel of responsibility for the crimes. The secretary-general of the UN--the most pathetic in the history of the organization--blamed the dead Palestinian children for their own deaths. I am sure that Hillary, Obama, and McCain will all agree this week that Israel did not kill enough Arabs, and that it showed too much restraint.

A very disturbing documentary

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