Monday, March 24, 2008

Firefox, is it really that good?

Browsers were all the buzz over the weekend, beginning with the news that the developers of Mozilla Firefox feeltheir latest build is ready for widespread general use,despite technically being still only a beta. I'm not ready to make the leap full-time yet myself, but I'll definitely be looking at Firefox's new features in the coming weeks.

Firefox has long been my browser of choice; and judging from my own, completely unscientific study, I'm not alone. Access logs for my own sites show some 33 percent of visitors now use the open source browser -- an impressive market share for any software.

Apple's Safari browser, on the other hand, accounts for less than 5 percent of the hits. Apple appears determined to up this statistic, butthe tactics it has chosenreally get my goat -- and here again I'm not alone.

-Firefox, Safari, or Neither?

I find hardly any difference between Firefox and Explorer in using many browsers at the same time (I usually have 40 browsers open at any point in time). For computer geeks out there, which browser is best for multiple browsing?

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Steve_Kinsella said...

Go for Flock ( It's essentially Firefox with a blogging client and social network support. Highly recommended.