Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hindu Honor Killings in US?

Latest episode of the Fox's new series New Amsterdam is about a honor killing in US- a Hindu father kills her daughter Amartya, because she was raped.

The story appears a bit far fetched- like to hear comments from the guys over at Sepia Mutiny.

You can watch the episode online.

Honour crime and the legal system
Prof Shirin Rai talks about a joint study into how honour crimes are dealt with by the legal systems in India and Pakistan


Anonymous said...

That New Amsterdam "honor" episode was incredibly far-fetched, and I could barely stomach when the father spoke "this is our culture!" WTF?? Did the screenwriters go, "oh Hindooz, they follow Islamic Shariat right? AH, brownz are all the same." If you use google, about the only "honor killings" you'll find in India is between upper and lower classes, and it's almost always the bride's upper class family killing the groom of a lower class in some hickville rural outskirts of India. Moreover, crimes occur everywhere on Earth - the important aspect is how the govt. and society responds, and in the case of India, rape victims are consoled and looked after with care, and if her own father does her harm, he will be prosecuted by the Indian police, and any Indian jury will convict him without hesitation.

Anonymous said...

Story may sound far-fetched. But I don't think it is unimaginable. Moreover all victims in India are not provided the care you describe here. Media and police don't give due respect to the victims. Sometime back I read in news that a father killed her daughter while she was pregnant because she married without the family's approval. Sad, but true.