Sunday, March 2, 2008

Singaporeans to get a bit more sexual freedom

Singapore says may loosen law on oral sex;
"One option being considered is to decriminalize consensual oral sex between a male and female so long as it is done in private and both of them are above 16 years of age," Ho said.

But a lingering ban on homosexual fellatio could stoke controversy at time when Singapore is emerging as an Asian gay entertainment hub following the opening of a number of gay-friendly cafes and clubs.

Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong made a low-key acknowledgement last year that gays now worked in the public service.

Critics have pointed out the irony of the law in a country where prostitution remains legal. Ho said the law was mostly used to prosecute cases involving minors, or mentally and physically handicapped people.

Singapore is relaxing other laws such as rules on bungee-jumping, bar-top dancing and chewing gum in a bid to shake off its stuffy image and lure foreign professionals.

via Tim Harford

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