Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is US Election a distraction from real news?

World Bank's Danny Kaufmann asks;

I don’t get it. Late in the evening I watch CNN news. For the past week it has been saturated with interminable reporting on the Obama-Clinton democratic candidate contest. Many pundits have been paraded and asked for opinions on trivia. Obscure (until now) ’superdelegates’ have been interviewed, even if it is to say that hey still ’sit on the fence’.

One could argue that this constant reporting is right now very important to many Americans (which I am not) during this crucial election year. If only it would matter: unless my math is flawed, the contest for the democratic nomination has been effectively over for a week already, ever since the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. Yet the cameras keep rolling, obsessed with campaign trivia, on ocassion interspeded by a report on the weird Texas cult.

Obama Begins Search for Vice President


Ryan said...

Good post. Digg the original: Obama vs. Clinton: distraction from world reality?

simultaneous said...

This long primary election campaign has exhausted everyone except the so-called "news media." We no longer have an unbiased press that researches important issues for the benefit of the public. We now have a glorified "dog and pony show" with news "commentators??" performing their own "virtual reality shows" to compete with the other "virtual reality shows" for audience ratings. Our newspapers have relegated the two wars to the back pages. Recent natural disasters have overtaken the man-made war casualties. Indeed, Edward R. Murrow is dead and would roll over in his grave if he found out about our contemporary "news programs." The real issues are our imploding economy brought on by Bush's endless wars of attrition that Osama Bin Laden wanted us to get involved in to bring the our and the world's economy down. Bush's war policies and the resulting explosive energy costs, home mortgage crises, etc. are EXACTLY what Bin Laden wants: the ruination of the modern economic world order. How could our leaders have so mislead us down this destructive path without the aid of of the media?

Anonymous said...

What the media is failing to report is that economic war is being waged against us by those who have been manipulating the price of oil.

Worse, has been the administration's unwillingness to declare an economic state of emergency. We need to mandate a lowering of the speed limit to conserve gasoline. etc., etc., etc.