Monday, May 26, 2008

Planet Surveys- Another Scam?

Planet Surveys;
an online marketing research organization . We help companies that want to hear your opinion find you, listen to you, and compensate you for the time you spend helping them improve. Our members earn $300 to $550 per week by taking on-line surveys, participating in virtual focus group discussions, and testing new products, websites and services

NO! Do not join these sites. They are a scam. To take a survey you have to pay and give your email address to them. They will them send your email address to thousands of spammers. I had to shut down an email account I had because the spam was so bad. Not to mention I lost my money.

These survey sites are a scam. Please don't give them your money or email address or any information for that matter

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web knight18 said...


Yes many survey companies are scams, but there are also many which are legit and are members of Council of American research Organisations(CASRO). If you want a list of legit survey sites, or other online job opportunities visit my blog