Saturday, November 10, 2007

Asian Economic News

From ADBI E-Newsline;

Higher growth, higher inflation
- Pakistan
PAKISTAN: Public debt, inflation decrease

Universities thirsty for lecturers- Vietnam
The Economics University, Da Nang University, IT Faculty of the Cryptography Technical Institute are also planning to recruit lecturers with preference given to those who have doctoral degrees.

The Hung Yen Technique Pedagogical University now needs nearly 30 lecturers for many branches. The requirements are simple: candidates can be students graduating from universities with ‘excellent’ results.

Many universities complain that they cannot find suitable candidates though they have posted advertisements about job vacancies many times already.

According to Prof Dr Nguyen Ngoc Phu from the Vietnam Education and Psychology Association, the numbers of universities and students have been increasing sharply in the last few years, while the number of lecturers has not been increasing accordingly. Most newly established universities and colleges do not have enough lecturers for their training branches.

319 million Indians live on less than a dollar a day

Shutting down sweatshops solves nothing, and amounts to throwing out the baby with the bathwater

NEPAL: Snake farming offers agricultural alternative

INDIA OP/ED: Bottled water boom leaves poor high and dry

SRI LANKA: Infrastructure spending can't keep up with demand

PRC OP/ED: Take a more scientific view on development

PHILIPPINES: Workers' remittances seen doubling in 3 years

ASIA OP/ED: Feed people, not cars

INDONESIA OP/ED: Global rice decline could lead to food shortages

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