Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Assorted China

Communist China loves capitalist game

China to export Russian jet engines to Pakistan (may be to be paid with US aid money?)

US soybeans soar as China encourages more imports

No cracks as China's expansion rumbles on

China IP Piracy Ain't All That

China: All I Am Saying Is Give Perspective A Chance

Beijing's Bars Offer China Business Lesson. Sometimes A Martini . .

The best $39.99 I have spent in China

Missing the barefoot doctors

China Blasts US Security Report

Are foreigners dissing China by noticing the smog?

Why don’t Chinese women use tampons?;
Pursuant to my recent post about why Chinese women don’t use tampons, I forgot to share a compelling piece of gossip. I recently had a friend from the US in town for a movie shoot (a huge, major studio movie that has parts of it being shot in China.) She told me that of all the supplies that their on-set medic brought to China, it was the tampons that somehow disappeared en route. She wasn’t sure if the tampons were in the shipment that he shipped ahead of time into China, or if they were part of his luggage, but either way, they, for reasons unknown, were apparently confiscated by customs.

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