Friday, November 9, 2007

Explainers for the Day

How Large Are the Distributional Effects of Increased Trade?

Modeling Exchange Rates: What Does Current Academic Thinking Have to Say about the Dollar's Future?

Four incovenient truths about India's economic growth

Preparing for the next financial crisis

Fixed and random effects: what do statistics and econometrics say?

Why I don't use the term "fixed and random effects"

Poor Americans?
As I mentioned a few days ago, using current market exchange rates, Australia now has a higher income per person than the US. Matthew Turner observed the UK passing the US a few months ago and estimated several years ago that the critical value for the Eurozone is around $1.46, which was reached in the last couple of days. I haven’t checked on the GDP comparison, but the yen and franc are also rising

Immigration as a Human Right

Tricky Truths in the Health Care Debate

Influence of Malaysia on Indian thinking on economic policy

Local Instrumental Variables

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