Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Immigration Form Scams

A news item from an immigration law firm;

Our clients may be receiving e-mail solicitations from a company based in Malvern, claiming that the Department of Homeland Security has announced the upcoming release of a new I-9 form to verify new hire eligibility for employment. This company, Progressive Business Compliance, sells packages of forms, such as the W-4 and I-9, that employers can obtain at no charge from the government agencies that issue the forms.

Our clients should be aware that DHS has made no such announcement. The American Immigration Lawyers Association has contacted sources within the Department of Homeland Security in response to these email solicitations and confirmed that publication of a new I-9 form is not imminent. DHS has been working on revisions to the form and to the regulations governing the process for some time, but does not expect to be able to make those changes in the near future. Due to requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, any rule change or proposed form change will have to be published in the Federal Register for public comment at least 60 days before it can take effect.

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Andrea said...

Actually the new I-9 form has been posted on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website since yesterday, so you should check your souces.