Monday, November 19, 2007

Markets in Fake PhD's

A senior monk in Singapore has a fake PhD, it has been revealed;

Double trouble for Ren Ci Hospital. Straits Times did a write-up on Ren Ci’s Venerable Ming Yi and the non-recognition of his Mannin University doctorate (PhD) in Singapore. It was reported that Ming Yi did not check if Mannin University or its PhD programmes were recognised here before he enrolled into them and he claimed that he did the PhD only for the sake of gaining knowledge.

Alright, I would give him the benefit of doubt that he did not intend to cheat on the management of Ren Ci but it is interesting to wonder why he chose the unknown Mannin University over other Singapore-recognised foreign universities for his Doctorate degree in Philosophy.

What do you think is the market value of fake educational qualifications?

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