Saturday, November 3, 2007

Martial law in Pakistan

Musharraf imposes emergency rule

Live Blogging State of Emergency in Pakistan

Lawless in Pakistan;
From Ayub Khan to Zia ul Haq to Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s warrior-kings have made one fundamental claim to the public: that their particular act of suspension of democracy in Pakistan was ultimately constitutional and, hence, for the benefit of the nation. And they have had the support of the Supreme Court in making this claim - a support which gave them the necessary legitimacy to stay in power. In order to understand the current crisis in Pakistan - and to recognize the ultimate blunder of Pervez Musharraf - we have to look at the history and role of the Constitution in Pakistan, the historical involvement of the judiciary in the dismissal of democratic institutions and the tensions between the three centers of power in Pakistani society that undergrid this whole enterprise. Feel up to it?

Martial Law to last 72 Hours; BB Likely to Be The Interim PM

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