Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Must Reads

What Makes a Terrorist

How long can economic freedom and political repression coexist? ROWAN CALLICK examines Beijing’s sinister policy formulation.
The China Model's advantage over the standard authoritarian or totalitarian approach is obvious: it produces economic growth, which keeps people happy. Communism didn't do that.

The Endless Knot: Bhutan and Climate Change

Assassination equilibria

A Market for Kidneys?

Does the U.S. Lead in Life Expectancy?

Assassination equilibria

Deny All You Want, They'll Still Believe
Iraq and 9/11, sex trafficking, flu vaccines, widespread autism. Cognitive biases color our view of these and other issues and can affect our policy choices.

The capital gains tax change will not deter enterprise
If very rich people are to pay much lower tax rates than the doctors who care for them or the teachers who made their careers possible, there needs to be a compelling demonstration of widespread economic benefits

Finance for All? Policies and Pitfalls in Expanding Access

Credit Crisis: The Sky is not Falling

Will China soon be making not only cheaper, but also better, products than everyone else?

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