Sunday, November 18, 2007

Play “The economy, stupid!”

The economy, stupid!” (in short TES) is a name of a new online game, that puts you in the role of a prime minister of a moderate size European country. Your task is to survive in office for the whole four-year term and win the next elections. You loose if your party loses the elections, or if you are removed from office before elections. The game is turn-based with each turn representing two months of game time.

via Mankiw

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Trade game from Nobel Foundation


Gabriel M. said...

Something's wrong. I always end up in stagflation... Plus, that list of instruments is weird.

Grzegorz Holdys said...

The instruments were selected in a such a way, that they are as widely recognized by laymen as possible and that they have a significant political effect. "The economy, stupid!" is not a purely economic game. It has a political aspect as well.
As for stagflation, you are right, there is something wrong in the model, but I haven't found the bug responsible for this yet.