Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quote of the Day- Everyone's a Hedge Fund

"We make money from hedging and building cars. The difference is that hedge funds don't make cars the last time I checked."- Porsche

Source; Share options put Porsche on a faster path to profit

Porsche yesterday revealed it earned three times as much money from trading derivatives as it did from selling cars, prompting accusations it was acting more like a hedge fund.

The German luxury sports car maker said €3.6bn ($5.2bn) of its €5.86bn pre-tax profit in the year to July was from share options.

Stripping out the €521m it made from revaluing its 31 per cent stake in Volkswagen, which it controls, and €702m from its share of VW's profits, it made at most just €1.05bn from its "core" carmaking business.

"It does look like a hedge fund," said Stephen Cheetham, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein.

Another London-based analyst said: "It is a hedge fund investing in just one stock."

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