Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quote of the Day- Has Musharaff gone mad?

"Did I go mad? Or suddenly, my personality changed? Am I Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?"

"Have I done anything constitutionally illegal? Yes, I did it on 3 November," he said, referring to his imposition of emergency rule. "But did I do it before? Not once."

"Who is trying to derail the political and democratic process? Am I? Or is it some elements in the Supreme Court - the chief justice and his coterie... and now some elements in the political field?"

- Mushraff in BBC interview

Pakistani-American Roundtable
Pakistan Army Masses For Assault on Militants
Musharraf thumbs his nose at US
Pakistani army's '$20bn' business
Siddiqa says the military's private wealth could be as high $20bn, a "rough figure", she says, split between $10bn in land and $10 in private military assets.

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Anonymous said...

Musharaff is walking the tight rope to no where. It is obvisious his control of the country, in geographical terms, doesn't exist much outside of Islamabad. Musharaff is running into the same problems that the Shah faced in Iran before his uncereminous departure from that country. In Pakistan, the departure could prove to be more bloody. The best and only thing the US can do is used foreign aid in a carrot-and-stick approach to foreign relations, and call for free and afir elections. We have very few options in Pakistan. That is the result of coddeling dicators. We should respect and trust democracy more than strongman personalites. In the end, the US will get what it paid for!

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana