Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Real Pakistan - Be Very Scared

Up to 70 per cent of Pakistan's Swat Valley is now in the hands of Pro-Taliban fighters.

"Our electricity was cut, and Taleban restored it in an hour"- Pakistani resident of Swat Valley

It all comes down to economics.

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Maynard said...

This is scary why exactly???

In the real world, as opposed to Bush's insane visions from god, the Taliban are not interested in fighting America or anyone else; they simply want to live their lives the want they want. This may, or may not, suck for the people around them, but either way it is not really America or Australia's business.
Heck, even freaking Osama Bin Laden had limited goals --- he wanted the US out of Saudi Arabia.

What is a hell of a lot scarier is the US, with thermo-nuclear weapons, led by a man who is happy with torture, who care's nothing about innocents destroyed by his actions (whether Iraqi civilians, foreign nationals caught as supposed "terrorists", or innocents fingered by the US crime system), not to mention the fact that large numbers, perhaps even a majority, of the society appear to agree with him on many of these points.