Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gandhi Fact of the Day

Relying on secret documents of the British Government released in 1967, the legendary constitutional authority, H M Seervai, concluded, Gandhi used non-violence as a political weapon, and was prepared to support, or connive at, violence to secure political goals. (Constitutional Law of India, Supplement to Third Edition, 1988, Pg 143 of Introduction). Seervai cites the following in support of his statement:

* In the middle of 1918, Gandhi supported the War Conference main resolution of recruiting Indians to fight on the side of Britain and her allies if it ensured the acceptance of Congress-Muslim League scheme for Home Rule.
* When Britain announced in 1939 that India was at war, Gandhi refused to support the Second World War on the ground that he would not support violence even to secure the independence of India.
* In July 1944, when the tide of victory was flowing towards the Allies, Gandhi stated in an interview to News Chronicle, London, that the Viceroy could remain in charge of military operations and India could be used as a base for such military operations provided that a National Government was immediately formed.
* In an interview with Lord Wavell on August 27, 1946, Gandhi told him that �If India wants a bloodbath, she shall have it.�

-The myth of Mahatma Gandhi

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