Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Sociologist in Me

In New York, why do I see more white American men with Asian (Chinese,Korean,etc) women than the opposite. What's the sociological explanation for it?

The economics of marrying a foreign woman

Do airplanes make weird people stick out less?
Does this mean that weird men are more likely to have foreign wives?

Another interesting fact about New York;
New York City Death Rate Reaches Historic Low

For a Longer Life, Try Living In New York City, Report Says

Updated: I've found an answer, from an economist, Raymond Fisman;
Racial Preferences in Dating
We examine racial preferences in dating using data from a Speed Dating experiment. In contrast to previous studies, our methodology allows us to directly observe individual decisions and thus easily infer whose preferences lead to racial segregation in romantic relationships. Moreover, the richness of our data allows us to identify many determinants of same race preferences. We find that females exhibit stronger racial preferences than males. We demonstrate that this gender difference is not due to different dating goals by men and women. Exogenously bringing attention to possible shared interests increases the willingness to date people from other races. The subject’s background, including the racial composition of the ZIP code where the subject grew up and the prevailing racial attitudes in the subject’s state of origin, strongly influence the desire to be with a partner of the same race. Older subjects and more physically attractive subjects exhibit weaker same race preferences.


gaddeswarup said...

There seems to be some confirmation here:
"19.5% of married Asian women and 7.2% of married Asian men have a non-Asian spouse. 17.1% of married Asian women are married to a white spouse, and 3.5% of married Asian men have a spouse woman classified as "other". "
I too noticed a preference for non-Indians in our families who live abroad.

Anonymous said...

A black friend tells that Chinese are gold diggers and are easy dates