Sunday, March 16, 2008

Corporate Law and Politics don't mix well?

One thing Clinton did not do at the Rose firm was spend much time litigating. For the most part, she stayed out of the courtroom and tried only a few jury trials. In the first of these, she represented a canning company that had been sued by a man who found rat parts, specifically rear-end rat parts, in a can of pork and beans. He couldn't think about the rat or the can without spitting, he said, which made it difficult to kiss his fiancee. So he went to court seeking damages from the canning company. Clearly something had gone wrong, but Hillary argued that the plaintiff hadn't really been damaged, and besides, the rodent parts had been sterilized in the canning process and might, in other parts of the world, thus be considered edible. She won. The plaintiff was awarded nominal damages -- and she endured inevitable jokes about the "rat's ass case" -- but Hillary, in a very rare public statement of inadequacy, said that arguing in front of the jury made her nervous.

-Is Clinton's Corporate Law Background Hurting Her Candidacy?

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