Friday, May 9, 2008

Research ideas from medical journals

Rectal foreign bodies: case reports and a comprehensive review of the world's literature
The surgical management of two patients presenting with incarcerated, apparently self-inserted foreign bodies is reported. The large volume of prior literature on this subject is reviewed, with tabulation of 182 previous cases by type and number of objects recovered and with a discussion of patients' age distribution, history, complications, and prognosis. Management problems addressed include history, differential diagnosis of reported pruritis ani, and handling of suspected assault. The variety of surgical techniques used to remove rectal foreign bodies transanally or after celiotomy is discussed. Vaginal foreign bodies and large bowel injuries due to fist fornication, colorectal instrumentation, pneumatic rupture, foreign body ingestion, impalement, and abdominal trauma are also discussed.

Nonsurgical removal of a rectal foreign body using a vacuum extractor. Report of a case.

Vacuum cleaner use in autoerotic death
A case of a fatal cardiac episode resulting from an unusual autoerotic practice involving the use of a vacuum cleaner, is presented. Scene investigation and autopsy findings are discussed.

Case report: sexual intercourse as potential treatment for intractable hiccups.

Marijuana for intractable hiccups

The human penis as a semen displacement device

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