Tuesday, May 13, 2008

World's greatest creative Thinker?

Edward de Bono

Why businesses took up lateral thinking;

In business there is a bottom line- you’ve to think.
In politics and academic world you’ve to prove you’re right, there is no reality test

De Bono on improving penalty kicks in soccer;
De Bono’s solution is to leave the game as it is, but to change the scoring system. “Why not make it so that every time the goalkeeper touches the ball, half a goal is scored? If a goal is scored in the normal way, that would be a full goal, of course. But if you used a ‘half-goal for a touch’ system, you would get games with a constantly fluctuating score that would satisfy the demand that the American public seems to have. I’ve tried to get the football authorities to try it, but they won’t hear of it”.

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