Sunday, January 20, 2008

Discover Your Inner Risk Taker

Bad vs. Worse: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lose-Lose Decisions
by Joshua Piven

Your guide to how to fake an orgasm
What to do if you're on a date and forgot your deodorant
How to remove difficult clothing
How to land a plan in an emergency
how to fend off a shark
how to wrestle and alligator
how to avoid the Freshman 15
how to determine if your date is an axe murderer
Who would you rather discover in your backyard, a West Nile Mosquito or West African Dictator?
and more

The Google host in the video appears very ignorant of Australia and author is very ignorant about Africa.

Watch it if you're a budding author.

Or may be I should have titled the post, 'The Positive Power of Negative Thinking'

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