Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parents not allowed to go for two-year old's heart surgery

Gaza parents not allowed to accompany ill children into Israel;

The parents of two young Gazans in need of urgent medical care to escort their children into Israel last week for treatment.

Despite many efforts to obtain a permit for own of Sausan al-Jaafri's parents or even a distant relative, the young girl had to travel to Wolfson Medical Center in Holon on her own.

Hospital staff and officials from the Save a Child's Heart project tried in vain to
convince the authorities to grant the al-Jaafris permits, but since Israel labeled the Gaza Strip a hostile territory in September, Sausan's parents no longer meet the criteria for entry permits.

The two-year-old Mohammed also left for Israel without his parents, and only his elderly uncle was granted a permit to escort him. Mohammed needed emergency heart surgery, but his parents could not be there for him

via Haaretz TV

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